Our Services


  • Same day sick visits; call today and we will get you an APPOINTMENT.
  • Well child checkups; We follow the American
  • Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)guidelines for well checkup.
  • Newborn services. We provide newborn infant care following discharge from the hospital. We also have the meet and greet program for expectant mothers where you can come for site visit, meet our doctor and staff and we can answer relevant questions.
  • Routine immunization/annual flu shots.
  • Adolescent consult; We provide comfortable environment where adolescents can discuss their special needs. It maybe acne or behavioral or contraception.
  • Pre- Participation sport physical
  • Examinations, and also school exam and camp physical.
  • ADHD/ADD management.
  • Refills and referral
  • Nebulization for asthma kids and nebulization training available for mothers of asthma kids.
  • On site laboratory testing for our patients.
  • Travel clinic services; we advise our overseas travelers on required vaccines and other preventions.
  • Seatbelt and car seat safety education.